We publish Events Magazines for 13 Connecticut towns.

They have become a “must read” for residents and visitors alike. Visit eventsmagazines.com!

“We love the magazines.  We read them from cover to cover!”

“Events Magazines…our town bible.”

“I look forward to seeing Events Magazines – very interesting with a lot of expertise in the area. Covers are vivid with great color and town appropriate – you do a great job!”

“Three Cheers for the quarterly Events!

Town specific, each Events does something good for the town it serves;

it’s local on a closer level. With every issue, we hear from our Selectman/woman, and read articles about town officials and town offices. Also, we get to read about those other organizations in town which are

not always on the forefront; it’s nice to see them in the spotlight.

The colorful cover gets your attention, too. The magazine is well-formatted and easy to read.”

“The Events magazines are beautifully illustrated, contain exciting town related stories, and typically include business spotlights. We are proud to be included as one of their customers.”